Andy Pratt Director | Centre for Culture and the Creative Industries at City University

Andy Pratt

Andy is an internationally acclaimed expert on the topic of the cultural industries. Andy established and was Director of the Urban Research Centre at LSE, founding chair of the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries at KCL; and is currently Director of the Centre for Culture and the Creative Industries at City University.

Andy specializes in the analysis of the cultural industries globally. This research has three strands. The first focuses on the social and economic dynamics of clustering and knowledge exchange. The second strand concerns the definition and measurement of employment in the cultural, or creative, industries. The third concerns cultural governance and policy making at the national, regional and urban scales.

Andy has also worked as a consultant or advisor for national and urban cultural and creative industry policy makers globally, and specifically reports for the EU, Council of Europe, UNESCO, UNCTAD, and WIPO, and the British Council.


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